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Expertly Curated Checklists

Our checklists are meticulously crafted by professionals in various fields to ensure you have the most accurate and helpful guidance for immigration, student visas, travel, business, and daily life.

About the App

Whether you're an immigrant adjusting to life in the U.S. or a local looking to level up your daily routine, our platform offers expertly curated checklists to guide you through every aspect of life.

MyChek App:
Your Checklist to  Success

Why People Love Us


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Android and IOS App Store Logos

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“This app is a game-changer! MyChek makes everything so much easier to manage. The checklists are incredibly detailed and helpful. I can’t wait for the official launch!“

Aky D., Beta User

MyChek Beta User Picture
MyChek Beta User Picture

“I’m hooked! The MyChek app simplifies everything, from immigration processes to daily tasks. The expert guidance is top-notch. Looking forward to the full release!

Anna S., Beta User

MyChek Beta User Picture

MyChek is fantastic! The checklists are well-organized and cover all the essential details. It’s a must-have for anyone navigating complex processes. Excited for the official launch!

Alex P., Beta User

MyChek Beta User Picture

I love how MyChek takes the stress out of planning and organizing. The app is user-friendly, and the checklists are incredibly thorough. Can’t wait to see what’s next!

 Busra R., Beta User

50+ experts

Gain exclusive insights and tips from more than 50 industry experts with our mobile app.

Diverse Categories

Explore a wide range of categories tailored to your needs, including Immigration, Student Visas, Travel, Business, Daily Life, and more. Each category offers specific, actionable checklists to help you navigate your journey smoothly.

Collaboration on Checklists

Collaborate with other users and experts on our platform to enhance and customize checklists. Share experiences, provide feedback, and receive updates to ensure you’re always informed and prepared.

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