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Essential Resources for Your US Transition

Trusted Links & Information for Immigrants

Essential Links for Students, Families, & Skilled Workers

We know moving to a new country can be overwhelming. That's why we've curated trusted resources to help you navigate your transition. Find links to official websites, non-profits, and helpful guides. Important: We don't provide legal advice. Please consult an immigration professional for your specific needs.

The main portal for immigration, visas, green cards, citizenship, etc. Include links to relevant sections based on your target audience.

Information on visas, embassies, and travel advisories.

A hub for government services – link to sections on benefits, taxes, housing assistance, etc.

Applying for an SSN, understanding benefits, etc.

Curated, trustworthy guides on many immigration topics.

Use their lawyer search tool, but also link to any free resources they offer.

Provides access to pro-bono or low-cost legal help.

Helps users figure out their eligibility for various government assistance programs.

Career support specifically for skilled immigrants.

Seek out smaller, state-specific or city-based immigrant aid organizations to include.

Official Resources

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